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Family legacies are a curse!

Welcome to the Lost Souls ParaAgency, where agents work together to ensure the safety of humans and to prevent exposure of the paranormal community.

The Assignment—stop witches from creating magical chaos in the small town of Burberry, South Carolina. 

There’s no dead body… yet. And there won’t be if Lex Dimas takes this assignment. Forced to take on the occasional paranormal case by his manipulative grandfather, he’d prefer to spend his days striking deals in the boardroom. Instead, he’s stuck in small town Burberry searching out witches who intend to harm the unsuspecting townspeople. Only, he doesn’t come upon a group of hateful witches—instead he finds a sweeter-than-peach-pie tea shop owner who wouldn’t harm anyone.

Amira Walker and her two sisters come from a long line of witches who harness the power of emotional manipulation. But the Walker girls aren’t interested in fulfilling their witchy destinies, much to the chagrin of their three powerful aunts. When Lex shows up, Amira mistakenly believes he's spelled by the aunts in a love match attempt. To her mixed delight and disappointment, she discovers he’s there to apprehend a paranormal villain.

As Burberry becomes a hotbed of magical activity, Lex is sure Amira’s youngest sister is to blame. It’ll be up to Amira to prove her sister’s innocence and help Lex find the true culprit. Can they survive malicious witchcraft and come together as a paranormal investigative team before it’s too late?

K.M. Waller

When a hunter becomes the hunted, it’s time to send in the LSP!

Welcome to the Lost Souls ParaAgency, where agents work together to ensure the safety of humans and prevent exposure of the paranormal community.

The Assignment—stop a spooky spirit from terrorizing a reality television ghost hunter.

Amira Walker and Lex Dimas are back as a mystery-solving duo in this second installment of the Lost Souls ParaAgency series.

Lex wants nothing more than to hang up his agent status and take Amira to a deserted island for a romantic getaway, but his manipulative grandfather has other plans. Once again coerced into taking an assignment he doesn’t want, Lex’s top priority is Amira’s safety—whether she appreciates his overly cautious behavior or not.

This is Amira’s first real assignment as an agent, and she’s out to prove that her skills as a sleuth can far outvalue her skills as a witch. But suppressing her witchy side isn’t the only complication for this assignment. She has to come face to face with Samuel Chase—the jerk extraordinaire who will exploit anyone to gain notoriety as a ghost hunter. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Lex’s overprotectiveness is putting a damper on their newfound romance.Can she solve her first case without resorting to magic and find a balance in her romantic relationship?

Two names for two different experiences


Vampires in Burberry? Well, that sucks!

Welcome to the Lost Souls ParaAgency, where agents work together to ensure the safety of humans and prevent exposure of the paranormal community.

The Assignment—observe and report on Burberry’s most reluctant witch, Ally Walker.

Sidney Cross is serving out his probation for some blood-sucking crimes committed in the early 1900s. On loan to the LSP, he’s one assignment away from working off his debt. All he has to do is monitor an elementary school teacher who refuses to acknowledge her witch ancestry and make sure she stays that way. With a charmed amulet that allows him to roam free during the day, and a witch who has zero interest in magic, this humdrum assignment should be a piece of cake. What could possibly go wrong?

Thanks to a water pipe mishap at Ally Walker’s elementary school (which may or may not have been caused by her younger sister) she’s got a four-day, school-free weekend. Add that her sisters and great-aunts are headed off to the woods for a magic retreat, and Ally couldn’t be happier to fill in at the Tea Haven. Until the mayor decides to host a couple of famous illusionist YouTubers and Ally is volun-told to oversee their show. The fake magic brings more trouble than Ally needs.

Then one of the Biddies Bridge Club members ends up in Tea Haven’s freezer, and it looks like she’s been relieved of her blood. Sidney is reluctant to call in the LSP since he’s pretty certain he’s first on the suspect list. He needs Ally’s help, and he won’t take no for an answer.

All Ally wants is a normal existence without all the paranormal, but Sidney definitely brings out her witchy side in more ways than one. She’ll do whatever it takes to get him out of her life.

To put things right, they’ll work together to solve this blood-sucking mystery before Burberry turns into a town of terror. Again.